Digital Twin Maker (DTM) is a web-based application, being developped, for viewing 3D Digital Twin models in VR using UMI3D technology. This obviously includes all the points of interest of UMI3D including:
Multi-device, Collaboration, Plug & Play

What are three main challenges for a PLM collaboration to overcome?

  • Actors from different disciplines and with different skill levels
  • Businesses, suppliers and customers share information in a secure environment, ensure compliance with regulations and apply process management rules
  • Ability to operate in a Multi-CAD and Multi-format environment

DTM, a codeless editor for cooperative product review

Example of usecase 1°: Design Review

Current Limitations:

– Difference of vocabulary between teams
– Difficult hardware compatibility VR / AR between them
– Complexity of adding new features with existing 3D applications


– Facilitate collaboration and understanding between internal and external teams involved in certain aspects of PLM.
– Accelerate the development and planning cycle.
– Automate PLM / Unity data conversion

Our advantages:

  • VR multi-business collaboration
    Several people collaborate to examine a 3D model, a simultaneous audit from multiple perspectives maximizes the potential of the product in different spaces

  • Multi-device VR solution
    Compatible with all devices, from desktop PCs to complex immersive screens. Management of large models with a fluid display

  • Conversion of unnecessary models
    The 3D models are directly accessible via Catia, Creo, NX, Navisworks, to recover and visualize the model directly on the native CAD software without worrying about the conversion

  • Designed for engineering

    accelerate development cycles and integrate with your current processes: design review, operability and ergonomics simulation

Example of usecase 2°: Workstation Ergonomics

Current Limitations:

– We have to move an expert to attest to the conformity of a workplace
– Difficult and time-consuming modification
because it is already done after the creation


Evaluate the feasibility, comfort, efficiency and safety of the workstation from the design stage.

Our advantages 

  • Multi-device compatibility the application will work with the most suitable tools, we do not have to limit the application to a particular device and will work with upcoming devices

  • Collaboration
    A working doctor can assess the difficulty of access to a room by watching the avatar of the technician operate on the virtual product before installing the actual product and thus provide upstream and improve the quality of work technicians

  • Easy to change
    Quickly perform error correction and improve the product experience



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