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Collective intelligence platform: Develop your unprecedented XR experience through connecting people, world and future trends together.

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What is Umi3D

Umi3D : a solution to your obstacles businesses, natively integrated collaboration in VR/AR.

Centralized eXtended Reality Server

By having the eXtended Reality environment running on a centralized server, all devices share the same synchronized experience by running it on their dedicated clients.

Exchange protocol

UMI3D is an interaction-based device abstraction layer for AR and VR devices

Interaction 3D media

The available interactions are described using a finite set of generic classes (i.e. types of objects)


Any device is able to complete the actions

Mains Features

Collaborate | Connect | Visualize | Decide

Collaborate in the same VR/AR/MR workspace, no matter which device you use. Change your 3D environment in the twinkling of an eye.



Create interactive and collaborative AR and VR environments.
UMI3D provides collaboration as a default feature. This means that there is no extra developments to make your 3D environments collaborative!

Incremental Design


Add new devices and use cases one by one for a reduced development cost.
Thanks to the UMI3D abstraction layer, supporting a new device on all your 3D environments only requires the development of a dedicated UMI3D browser.



Take advantage of the AR and VR devices complementarity in real time.
Because UMI3D is an interaction-based model, you are not limited to the devices’ common features.



Sketch rich interactive scenarios with different user roles.
Using our high-level development toolkit, it is easy to assign different tasks to  your users and to provide them different information depending of their roles.

Unity 3D


Create new environments faster with the broadly used Game Engine Unity.
Using our Unity implementation, it is possible to combine the advantages of UMI3D with the best features of Unity like physics, ray tracing or HD rendering.

User Oriented


Co-create your eXtended Reality environments with end-users to promote their adoption.
Our development tools let end-users test your application on the same time we are designing it. This greatly improves their involvement in the design as well as the understanding of their needs.

Use Cases

Endless possibilities with collaborative XR for the entreprise.

Process Training

Customized training without a line of code. Train people simultaneously before setting them up. Train a large scale of situations and learn progressively. Enable multiple devices working on the same project, adjusted to users’ role and context.


Optimize product engineering, design, manufacturing and operations. Collaborate with teammates across the globe.

Design Thinking

Make decisions collaboratively. Communicate between different actors in real time or in an existing digital model. Have a convenient, easy-going and ergonomic tool. Add a new user or device on the go.


Make easier the visualization of relations between objects. Simplify the communication and understanding of divers jobs. Enable multiple actors to collaborate simultaneously. Detect design errors and modify your 3D model in real time.

Assisted Surgical Procedure

Medical professionals will be able to practice everything from CPR to rare surgical procedures. Patients are able to learn about the procedures being performed on them so that they fully understand the operation and their recovery needs.

UMI3D latest news

Here’s what has been going on with UMI3D

September 16, 2019

Digital Twin Maker: a codeless editor for cooperative product review 

Digital Twin Maker (DTM) is a web-based application, being developped, for viewing 3D Digital Twin models in VR using UMI3D technology. This obviously includes all the points of interest of…
May 22, 2019

Virtual Worlds present at the it3D Summit !

On the occasion of the 4th edition of the it3D summit, which will take place on 12 & 13 June in Bordeaux, our Virtual Worlds team will hold a stand…
April 23, 2019

UMI3D Consortium in French TV BFM Business was strongly attracted by our Open Source project "UMI3D Consortium". Their cameras immersed in our diverse applications, thanks to the multi-platform collaborative AR/VR UMI3D. We believe that…


This section will contain documents we produced in the scope of UMI3D

A Unified Model for Interaction in 3D Environment – Presentation
UMI3D: A Unity3D Toolbox to Support CSCW Systems
Properties in Generic 3D User Interfaces

UMI3D will be in these events

Virtual Laval 2019
Laval, France
20 - 24 Mar 2019
Digital Innovation 2018
Paris - Centquatre
28 Nov 2018
Digiworld Summit
Maison de la Mutualité | Paris
28 Nov 2018
ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing
Jersey City, USA
3 - 7 Nov 2018