On the occasion of the 21st edition of Laval Virtual, the international virtual and augmented reality market show (VR / AR) taking place from March 20 to 24, 2019, Gfi Informatique announces the creation of the UMI3D Consortium. This initiative aims to accelerate the adoption and development of UMI3D (Unified Model for Interaction in 3D Environment) by attracting the attention of the international community. Industry, retail, training, smart city, building construction, start-ups, etc., there are many stakeholders potentially concerned by this 3D environment sharing technology developed within Gfi’s Innovation Department and the University of Strasbourg.
Exchange protocol, UMI3D answers the problem of being able to share a 3D medium between several heterogeneous terminals. “UMI3D is a two-way network protocol in which we standardize the data exchanged. Thus, whatever the device used, we interact in the same way with the 3D media “, explains Julien Casarin, head of the project initiated 4 years ago and whose research led to a thesis and a scientific publication awarded last November at the CSCW18 conference in New York. Specifically, with UMI3D, Hololens, Oculus Rift, Vive headsets, smartphones, tablets and PCs can communicate together in the same virtualized environment. It is hardly possible today that each 3D scene must be developed specifically for the system that executes it.


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